David Bynes



Policies/Informed Consent for Psychotherapy

  1.  Bring whomever you choose to therapy (Human or Pet).  You know best what your situation is and those most closely involved.
  2.  Appointments start on time-   After 20 minutes your appointment will need to be rescheduled so that you can receive a full therapy session.
  3.  Broken Appointments-  Appointments not cancelled within 24 hours are broken appointments.  After two (2) broken appointments, services will be discontinued and you will be referred to other treatment providers who may be able to address your needs concerning transportation and availability.
  4. Client Responsibilities-  Clients are responsible for obtaining any needed authorizations from their insurance or EAP (Employee Assistance Program). Clients are responsible for calling their insurance and asking what their mental health co-pay is and the status of their deductible. Mental health co-pays are not usually written on the insurance card. Clients need to bring the above information to the first session. This eliminates confusion and over-payment/refunds which can often take months to process. Clients are responsible for all fees not covered by their insurance company. Insurance Companies generally have their own set rates which I am required to charge as an in-network therapist. Private rates are $75 per 55 min. session. A sliding Scale rate is also available. Clients need to call at least 24 hours in advance to cancel or reschedule an appointment. All fees are due at the time service is delivered. Credit card, cash and checks accepted.
  5. Confidentiality-  The session content and all relevant materials to the client’s treatment will be held confidential unless the client requests in writing to have all or portions of such content released to a specifically named person/persons. Please do not try to contact me on social media as this is a serious breach in confidentiality. This office sends automated text appointment reminders, but does not receive text messages; phone, fax and email only. Limitations of client held privilege of confidentiality are itemized below:
    1. If a client threatens or attempts to commit suicide or otherwise conducts him/her self in a manner in which there is a substantial risk of incurring serious bodily harm.
    2. If a client threatens grave bodily harm or death to another person.
    3. Child abuse.
    4. If a court of law issues a legitimate subpoena for information stated on the subpoena.
    5. If the client gives their permission in writing through an information release.
    6. Client information can be given out for the purposes of collecting fees from insurance companies and EAP companies and complying with their reporting requirements.
  6.   Crisis Services-  This office does not take crisis calls.   If you are in crisis or have an urgent issue, please call 911 or the CRC at 1-520-622-6000, or the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255 (Lifeline — You don’t have to be suicidal.)
  7. Testing-   No psychological or psychiatric testing is provided here.  In my practice you are assessed and given a clinical diagnosis and treatment plan, however for reports for school, court or others I find licensed Psychologists to be the best trained in that area.
  8. Client Portal-  The most efficient way to schedule, cancel, and reschedule services is through the Online Portal, which all new clients are provided with.
  9. Phone calls and emails-  Phone calls are returned by the end of the next business day.
  10. Course of Treatment-   During the course of treatment your condition will either improve, stay the same, or worsen.  There are no guarantees as to the therapeutic outcome.  Clients are free to terminate services at any time.  Likewise, the therapist may decide to terminate services for a variety of possible reasons including lack of progress, no-shows, conflict of interest, or other clinical reasons.